Introducing the RAD tee

With a bag of unused iron-on letters and a surplus of white t-shirts I bought at The Goodwill, I sat at the dining room table of our rental house and found the word "rad," ironed it onto an old H&M tee, posted a photo on Instagram and the rest is history.

I flew back to Savannah to visit some friends who were still in school working on their senior thesis collections. I saw how stressed they were and remembered how stressed I was the year before. The concept of rest is so important to me because I know that without it I'm not able to do anything to my best abilities. So, I went to the super market and craft store and bought wine, food, craft supplies and threw my friends a little party to give their minds a break. I cooked a big, healthy dinner and had all the girls iron-on something inspirational onto a white tee. It wasn't until a few bottles of wine were had that my friends really got into the cheesy idea I had. By the end of the night we were dancing and having a good time in our matching t-shirts and when we went out to a bar we looked like a tacky bachelorette party! My idea was truly successful.

But then I flew home with a whole bag of extra letters like Js and Xs and Qs that no one has used.

I sat at the dining table of the rental house I was living in at the time and found the word "rad" amongst the random array of letters. I took one of the white tees I had boughten at The Goodwill and ironed away. I didn't really think much of it and wore the tee casually because I thought it was funny and "rad" is a word that pops up frequently in my vocabulary.

During the crazy wildflower season of Spring 2017 I set out to see as many wildflower fields as I could. At the poppy fields of Lake Elsinor I snapped a picture of me in my newly made "rad" tee and posted it on Instagram. Almost immediately I got comments and DMs asking me where I had gotten the t-shirt and knew I was onto something. Within the next week I bought myself some screen printing supplies and ordered a ton of blank t-shirts and set out to fulfill all the orders my friends (real-life and internet-friends) had made. The first batch of 50 sold out in a week so I kept it up and kept making them. Almost a year later this is now what I do with all of my free time. Making these quirky tees saved me from the worst creative rut I'd ever been in. It helped me keep making even though I didn't want to and it showed me that people actually believe in the things I make and bring into the world and honestly, that's super cool.