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What is the sizing on your tees?

For right now all of our tees are unisex while there is some style differentiation. RAD tees feature a softer, wider raw neckline while still having a unisex fit throughout the body that is designed to be looser. All other tees are a narrow unisex fit — so if you're looking for something a little looser and oversized we recommend sizing up, but do keep in mind that unisex tees tend to fit more oversized on most women's bodies.

Where are your tees made?

RAD tees are made completely in the United States... in Los Angeles to be exact. We work with t-shirt manufacturers that work very hard to keep their business in the US. With that being said we are working toward getting all of our tees made stateside. All of our tees besides the RAD tee are made in a regulated facility in Mexico where there is fair wage and working conditions for our sewers.

How eco-friendly are your tees?

Our tees are all made in eco-concious manufacturing facility that strive for their least amount of environmental impact. The ink that we use to print each and every tee is water based meaning that there are little-to-no chemicals being used in the printing process. We ensure that all dyed tees use an eco-friendly dye upon our purchasing.

When will you be adding more styles?

Our styles come and go. Everything is made in small batches to keep our overhead down and create a little exculsivity for you. As for the fit of tees we hope to be moving towards more style cuts and fits leaning towards fitting women's bodies better.

When will I recieve my tee?

We're a small team. Our partnering printhouse usually take one week to print and ship tees. Tees ship in 2-5 days after shipping is complete. Due to the size of our team, please keep in mind that during holidays printing may take longer due to high volume and team member vacation time. If you will need your tee as early as possible, please contact our team directly via the box above to let us know about the time sensitivity. Thank you for your understanding.